Looking eastward across Thunder Bay from our community lies Nanabosho, forming the picturesque and world famous Sleeping Giant. Nanabosho is the first Anishinaabe, a term by which our people call themselves. Thunder Mountain (also known as Mount McKay) is home to the Fort William First Nation.  Historically our community was the centre of cultural activity for the Anishinaabe, the largest indigenous nation north of Mexico. In times past our people travelled from the farthest reaches of the four directions to practice their traditional way of life at this sacred mountain.

We seek to revitalize our community as the heart of Anishinaabe traditions and customs. We have therefore established a new Culture and Recreation division as part our structure. For us, culture includes Anishinaabe identity, our language, history, and our customs and values rooted in traditional way of life. Recreation means social activities designed by the people for the enjoyment, amusement and pleasure of our community and to share these activities with our neighbours of Thunder Bay and surrounding municipalities. But the overriding importance of combining culture and recreation is to begin now to build on our glorious past as the foundation of a healthy community for our children, men, women and elders.

Cultural Programming

  • Hand Drumming
  • Drum Making
  • Language
  • Pow Wows
  • Regalia Making
  • Trapping, Hunting and Fishing

Recreational Programming

  • Niibin DayCamp

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