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Fort William First Nation

Fort William First Nation Youth and Social Development


The Youth and Social Development department is dedicated to the health and well being of all members in Fort William First Nations,

We aim to provide ongoing opportunities for personal development and growth through our programming, volunteer opportunities and special events.


Youth Department

Our vision places the Youth Department at the heart of our community, providing a sustainable and accessible safe space for the young people.  This further enables a range of social, cultural, recreation and preventative services to meet the changing needs of the youth in Fort William First Nation.


Recreation Department

The recreation department organizes and leads recreational activities for various groups of people within the community.  The goal is to provide empowering and enjoyable experiences that enhance physical, mental, and social well-being.


Cultural Department

Cultural Awareness incorporated into all areas of programming and service provision continue to teach, promote, preserve, and enhance the Ojibway language and Anishinaabe Culture using delivery methods such as media, cultural classes and activities, traditional stories, immersion experience and other resources and programming.


Our Events:


Red Dress Walk

This day is recognized on May 5th and the goal of the day is to honour and bring awareness to the thousands of Indigenous women and girls, and two-spirit people who have gone mission or who have been murdered.

Pride Event

To honour and celebrate our LGBTQIA+ persons as well as to raise awareness in society so that people can break from the stigma and biases that surround them.

Summer Powwow

The opportunity for people to gather, to honour the traditions, reconnect, rekindle old friendships, and make new friends.   Powwow is a time to share experiences and to reflect on time honored traditions, while helping to educate future generations of dancers and singers.

Niibin Day Camp

The overall goal of the Fort William First Nation Niibin Day Camp is to serve as a prevention program by providing constructive activities to its children and youth.

In addition to providing the activities, Niibin Day Camp is also designed to:

Encourage cooperation and participation.

Enhance Cultural Awareness

Raise self-Esteem

Teach Social Skills

Develop Live Skills

Create or enhance trusting relationships between each other and resource people within the community.

Promote respect for self, others, and the environment.

Promote inclusion.

Mt. Keeper Program

Is designed to encourage the involvement and inclusion of community members through traditional building practices and introduce culturally relevant activities to youth through a work program throughout the summer.This is Summer Student program where – 15 – 20 high school students will be employed to maintain and upkeep the mountain. Along with maintenance, students will learn land & culture as keepers of the Mountain.

Family Fields Day

Our Family fields day is a great opportunity for community to come together with their families to come together to participate in fun activities throughout the day, connect with one another, and create lasting memories.

Tradition Gathering

A day to come together and honour the resilience, dignity, and strength of survivors.  This is a day to remember the children who never made it home.  A day to educate people about colonial history and how it has and continues to impact Indigenous communities.

Halloween Drop Inn

This event is a pit stop for community members to take a quick break from trick or treating and to enjoy a light snack and warm up.

Remembrance Day

Annual Event recognizing 1st Nation Veterans with a ceremony at the Anemki Wajiw Cenotaph.

“To recall the end of the First World War hostilities, the hostilities ended at the 11th month.”

Children’s Christmas Party

The Children’s Christmas Party is planned and coordinated by our Youth and Social Development team and youth volunteers.  Twelve inactive stations will be set up throughout the community center and possibly the gymnasium at times to spread our participants out.  The aim of the stations is to have children and parent interact together at as many as possible at their leisure.  There is no set time frame, so participants are free to choose whichever activity they would like to start at first and can attend all or just the activities they choose.

Family Day Activity

This holiday which falls on the third Monday of February emphasizes the importance of family values.  It’s the perfect opportunity for families to spend quality time together and bring our families together in our community.

March Break

To provide our children and youth the opportunity to enjoy fun indoor and outdoor land-based activities, arts and crafts, prevention presentations and outings throughout the week.




Cultural Programming

Looking eastward across Thunder Bay from our community lies Nanabosho, forming the picturesque and world famous Sleeping Giant. Nanabosho is the first Anishinaabe, a term by which our people call themselves. Thunder Mountain (also known as Mount McKay) is home to the Fort William First Nation.  Historically our community was the centre of cultural activity for the Anishinaabe, the largest indigenous nation north of Mexico. In times past our people travelled from the farthest reaches of the four directions to practice their traditional way of life at this sacred mountain.

We seek to revitalize our community as the heart of Anishinaabe traditions and customs. We have therefore established a new Culture and Recreation division as part our structure. For us, culture includes Anishinaabe identity, our language, history, and our customs and values rooted in traditional way of life. Recreation means social activities designed by the people for the enjoyment, amusement and pleasure of our community and to share these activities with our neighbours of Thunder Bay and surrounding municipalities. But the overriding importance of combining culture and recreation is to begin now to build on our glorious past as the foundation of a healthy community for our children, men, women and elders.

  • Hand Drumming
  • Drum Making
  • Language
  • Pow Wows
  • Regalia Making
  • Trapping, Hunting and Fishing

Recreational Programming


The Recreation Department organizes and leads recreational activities for various groups of people within the community. The Goal is to provide our community with empowering & enjoyable experiences that enhance physical, mental & social well-being.



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