P: 1 807 623 9543
F: 1 807 623 5190

Alternately you may contact us toll free at 1 866 892 8687


90 Anemki Dr Suite 200
Fort William First Nation, ON
P7J 1L3


FAQ: This post will be regularly updated to answer questions on facebook and about FWFN. It will be made as a reference for Membership so that you have the official answer from the First Nation. Hopefully this helps stop misinformation.

1. What is the loan amount for home builders that the First Nation will co-sign for?

$120,000. This amount was recently increased from the $45,000 that was insufficient to build a suitable home with. This new loan amount is based on bank criteria and credit check.

2. Are housing subsidies available?

No. Not at present time. This will be reintroduced in the future. This program was stopped in past years. We hope to be able to start the subsidy program again.

3. Does the First Nation have a website?


4. Does the First Nation do off reserve email newsletters and mailouts?

Yes. Go to website and scroll to bottom of home page. Enter your email and you will be subscribed to receive all mailouts. Or click here

5. Does the First Nation have an Official Facebook Page?

Yes. Remember to like the page so that information will come up in your news feed.

6. Is there a staff directory that I can get?


7. How do I contact my Chief or Councillors?

By email, or phone if they provided it.

8. How often does Chief and Council meet? And can I attend these meetings and put myself on the Agenda?

Council meets up to 4 times per month, an increase from the previous 2. If you would like to be on the Agenda please contact the Office and they will direct you to the appropriate person in charge.

9. How often are General Community meetings held?

Quarterly. 4 times a year, and also Committee meetings are additional to these General Meetings. Audit Meetings are also a separate meeting.

10. Where can I view these meetings? And what if I live out of town?

The General Community Meetings are normally held at the Community Centre (Bingo Hall). For off reserve members we recently introduced live streaming for General Community Meetings and Audit Meetings. You can watch those live when they happen at this link.

11. Where can I get information about post-secondary schooling and funding, and where do I apply?

Information about Education and Training .
Post Secondary application can also be found on this page for download.

12. Where can I view the financial audits of the First Nation?

As of March 31st, 2013. The First Nation is required to also post the Salary, Honouraria and Travel of Chief and Council on the website. This will be for the fiscal year of 2013-2014 which will end on March 31st, 2014.

13. Are Chief and Council drug tested when elected?

Yes. It is currently voluntary, and those that do take the test are posted on the website.

14. Where can I find the Council Minutes for the First Nation? And how often are they updated on the website?

New minutes are posted once Council ratifies the minutes. It is then added shortly after to the link above. In-camera meetings are not put on website as they usually pertain to personnel issues.

15. Where can I find Policies of the First Nation?

More are will become available when added to website.

16. Where can I find department budgets?


17. Where do I find information about Health Programs and Social Services (Welfare)?

In addtion you can also find forms and documentation related to specific departments by going to this link.

18. I want to build or buy a house on the First Nation, what are the steps?

If you are looking to obtain a lot of land on the First Nation you need to contact Tina Morriseau, Lands Administrator
(807) 623.9543 Ext 242
If you have land already all you need to do is go to your bank and get the approval and credit check to bring to Council, from there Council will approve your request if you meet the banks requirements.

Where can I find information about Land Claims and Trusts?
Also FWFN will update the Community if there is relevant news related to a Land Claim.

19. Can I be on Council and hold a job with the First Nation?

No. You can not be your own boss.

20. Am I allowed to run for Council if I have a job with the First Nation in the next election?

Yes. You are only required to take a leave of absence once you accept your nomination. If you are successful then you will not be able to continue employment with FWFN. If you are unsuccessful to get elected your job will be waiting for you.

21. I don’t like what Chief and Council are doing, how can I stop them from making decisions?

Chief and Council are a elected body of members by the community. They are elected to make decisions on behalf of all members. If you don’t like what they are doing, elect different people to represent you. You have the vote as membership.

22. Who makes the Laws and Codes of the First Nation?

You. The membership does. There is a governance committee that meets to draft up all codes and laws relevant to FWFN. When they complete the draft they will present it to members for approval. This will be done through community consultation.

23. I don’t like the FWFN Personnel Policy Manual and I feel it is discriminatory. How to I change it?

The FWFN Personnel Policy Manual was approved by Council of the day on March 7th, 2012. This is not a code or law. It is the Administrations policy. It can be changed and amended. Bring your issue to Council by putting yourself on the Agenda.

24. How do I get a job with FWFN?

Apply. New job postings are available online.

25. How do I get my distribution money from land claims?

You have to make sure your banking information is up-to-date, you can do this by contacting the Band office, or visiting the website and filling out the proper form. For those members who live in other countries, it will be mailed to you.

26. What is the contact for the First Nation?

90 Anemki Dr, Suite 200
Thunder Bay, ON

1 (807) 623.9543
1 (866) 892.8687

1 (807) 623.5190

27. Are my children entitled to receive money for sports and activities through the First Nation?

yes. $500 for each child per year. You have to bring in receipt to Office for reimbursement.

28. How much money will i get for school, books and a uniform if required?

That is all dependent on your situation. You are best to contact the Nation and the department responsible for that.

29. Where can I find the Laws and Codes of the First Nation?

Currently FWFN is in the process of developing its own codes and laws. Right now the governance committee is working on the membership code that will replace the current one. These codes once approved by membership will then become the enforcing law of the First Nation. There are many aspects of laws and codes that need to be developed and voted on by the membership. Once we as a Nation have all this in place, it will then become part of our Constitution, make our First Nation fully self governed.


This post will be reorganized into sections once we have a general idea of the most common questions asked.