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Fort William First Nation, ON
P7J 1L3

Health Services

Community Health

The program provides services to Band Members of all ages within the Life Cycle.

Services include:
• Intake
• Referrals
• Assessments
• Planning
• Advocacy
• Support

The Health Centre Clinic provides Community Nursing services to its Membership. Services are provided by the Health Team comprised of the CHN, CHR, CHR Clerk, Diabetes.

Healing Strategy

Vision:  To provide strategic direction and leadership that creates a strong foundation and facilitates healing and wellness for every member  and citizen of Fort William First Nation.

Mission: To build a holistic healing strategy for Fort William First Nation, based on the strengths and needs of its members /citizens, that embraces overall well being. To promote a safe and healthy community while addressing the root causes of substance use/addiction and the harms associated with it by nurturing a sense of belonging, identity, self worth and purpose in individuals to facilitate healing.

Values:   Wisdom, Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Humility, and Truth

Healing Strategy-Final Document (published-August 2013) 

Community Events

Fort William First Nation Health Centre hosts a variety of programs throughout the year.

Annual community events include:
• Community Bazaars
• Family Walk
• Annual Health Fair
• NIIBIN Day Camp
• Family Picnic
• Halloween Drop-In

• 55+ Christmas Celebration
• Children’s Christmas Celebration

Family Support

The Program provides service to Band Members for Family Support, Prevention and Child Protection.

Services include:
• Intake
• Referrals
• Assessments
• Planning
• Advocacy
• Support

Prevention Services strengthen, support and address identified family and community needs.Child Protection services are offered in collaboration with Fort William First
Nation and Dilico Anishinabek Family Care.  The Family Support Team is comprised of the Family Workers and the Community Wellness Worker.


Anishinabek Dental Hygiene Clinic

Anishinabek Dental Hygiene Clinic Flyer


Karen Bannon, Director of Health and Social Services

P: (807) 623.9543 Ext #204, E-Mail: [email protected]