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Closing Date: June 21, 2024 2:00 pm
Type: Hourly

Fort William First Nation is currently inviting all interested contractors to submit their tender for the following contract:

We are seeking qualified contractors to assess and complete landscaping and driveway installation for our duplex property. The selected contractor will be responsible for providing all necessary materials, labour, and equipment to execute the project efficiently and effectively.

Scope of work:


  • Remove all shrubs, large aggregate roots and debris from front and back yard in preparation for levelling with appropriate top soil and laying of Sod.
  • Work shall include the back fill around perimeter with grading to allow for drainage away from skirting.
  • Installation of weeping tile to allow for proper drainage between the duplex unit and adjacent property. Drainage at rear of property.

Driveway installation:

  • Two separate driveway installations. To lay and pack Granular A for both driveways (approx. XX inches).
  • Lowering of Waterline curb stop by FWFN.

Those Interested can book a time for assessment and pick-up a “Request for Quotation Package”

Closing Date for submissions will be June 21st 2024 at 2PM

Submissions received after this date and time will not be considered.

For any assistance, please contact: Brianna Hyslop Housing Coordinator, (807) 623-9543 Ext. 223 or BriannaHyslop@fwfn.com