January 5, 2023

Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Tender Category: General Election Electoral Officer
Reference No.: FWFNGE.23

Description: Conduct the 2023 Fort William First Nation General Election (the “Vote”) pursuant to and in accordance with the First Nation Election Act (FNEA) (the “RULES”) for the election of one (1) Chief and twelve (12) Councillors on or about April 14, 2023.

Specifics of this Call for Tender:

Contact Person: Stephanie MacLaurin – Lands & Governance Manager
Tel: (807) 623-9543 ext.608
Email: StephanieMacLaurin@fwfn.com

Deadline: Sealed bid envelopes must have referencing number.

Forward to FWFN Reception no later than Friday January 13, 2023.
Late applications will not be reviewed.

Submit by Mail:

C/O Stephanie MacLaurin
Fort William First Nation Administration Office
100 Little Lake Road
Suite 201
Fort William First Nation
P7J 0L2

Submit by Email:

stephaniemaclaurin@fwfn.com; AND reception@fwfn.com



  • Develop a Voting Event Check List pursuant to the RULES
  • Supervise VOTE Operations;
  • Monitor Compliance;
  • Schedule and Oversee the Nomination Meeting;
  • Manage and Oversee the Regular POLL;
  • Prepare, post and Mail Notices of VOTE and Mail in Ballots to all members;
  • Manage and Oversee all necessary facilities including supports staff, ballot boxes, equipment, privacy, security, and voters assistance in accordance with the RULES;
  • Manage and certify eligible voters list and voters;
  • Supervise ballot counting and certification of VOTE results
  • Oversee the vote process with professionalism and ethical standards, ensuring complete transparency and executing best practices in fairness and democratic processes;
  • Prepare and post all necessary document and notices;
  • Supply toll free number, and all other communication resources and options for voters
  • Collect and safeguard all Ballots to protect the sanctity of the VOTE;
  • Prepare final report (bound and in triplicate) and other prescribed certified documents;
  • Be fully versed in the details and content of the VOTE and RULES and answer any inquiries from Staff and electorate (Members) relating to the voting event and its processes.

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