December 9, 2020

As of Wednesday December 9, 2020, the Fort William First Nation (FWFN) Emergency Response Group will be reinstating Phase Two (2) of our Security Checkpoint Plan within the community. There will be restricted access to nonresidents during operation.

This is a reminder to all non-registered residents of FWFN to please contact the Membership Department at your earliest convenience in order to obtain a new Security Checkpoint Verification Letter confirming your residence on FWFN. Security Checkpoint Verification Letters dated prior to Wednesday December 9, 2020 will not be accepted for access.

The following exceptions will be made to the non-resident restrictions (as outlined in the Phased Plan posted December 7, 2020):

  • Food Delivery Services
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Office and/or Contract Workers
  • Package/Newspaper Delivery Services
  • Council approved requests made by community members


FWFN Chief and Council will review submitted requests weekly to approve access through the Security Checkpoint. Please submit your requests to by Tuesday of each week to make it on the request list to Chief and Council. If you do not submit a letter prior to Wednesday each week, your request may not be reviewed until the following week. Requests should include the name, contact information, address, affiliation information, etc.


All in-office Membership appointments have been cancelled until further notice – (CIS) Certificate of Indian Status cards are not being issued at this time. Please contact Membership if a FWFN Membership Verification Letter is required to confirm membership and registration.

We thank you for your continued patience. If you have any questions/concerns please see contact information below:

Kelsea Pelletier, Band Membership Clerk (IRA)
Fort William First Nation
90 Anemki Drive, Suite 200
Fort William First Nation, ON P7J 1L3
P: 807.623.9543 Ext. 812
F: 807-623-5190

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