Portal Assistance

For membership portal assistance please contact Ann Marie Ogima (MembershipAnn@fwfn.com).


How do I get FWFN for pay for my College/University?
Funding is not guaranteed to everyone who applies.  You must apply before the deadline date which is the end of May for the upcoming school year. Download Application.

How do I get my child on FWFN school bus?
Contact the education department and complete a simple form.

What school does the FWFN school bus go to?
St. Ann,
St. Elizabeth,
ST Martin,
Pope John Paul II
St Patrick
Hyde Park

Do FWFN pay for scholar tutoring service?
No. FWFN does not assist with scholar fees. FWFN in partnership with the Catholic Board does offer tutoring 2 days a week at the community centre.

Does FWFN have any incentives for graduating students?
Yes.  Please supply a copy of your diploma/degree.  College and University students can get a cash bursary for graduating.  Students may receive one bursary for their entire school career.  Grade 12 and Grade 8 are also eligible for graduation awards.

Does FWFN offer any assistance with paying for Drivers’ Education courses?
:Yes.  High school students (only) can apply for assistance paying for their drivers training course.  FWFN will pay up to a maximum of $700 per high school student.  Please contact FWFN education department to obtain an application form.

Does FWFN offer any financial assist with school trips?
Yes.  FWFN will 50% of some of the costs up to a maximum of $1,000.  Students can receive this maximum amount for the entire high school or post-secondary education. They cannot get a $1,000 every year. Contact the education department to obtain an application form.

Human Resources

Are there any open jobs at FWFN?
View Available Job Opportunities.

How do I apply for a job at FWFN?
Please send your resume and cover letter with the applicable job posting title attention:

Donna Mullen, Human Resources Assistant
807.623.9543 Ext. 806