The Chief and Council provide strong, organized leadership for First Nations education with a focus on accountability related to Education programs and guidelines.

The Education Department is responsible for managing the needs of Fort William First Nation (FWFN) on-reserve band membership through tuition agreements with the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board and the Lakehead Public School Board. These include, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Some services are extended to our off reserve membership.  It is important to note that there is no funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to support these off reserve programs.  Post Secondary education is handled though a funding agreement with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

The Education department oversees the following areas:

  • School Busing
  • Elementary Education, Secondary Education
  • Post Secondary Education
  • Drivers Education funding
  • Graduation bursary awards
  • Travel Bursary for School Sanctioned Excursions

Post Secondary

Each year FWFN sponsors approximately 120 students.  Deadline for funding application for each year is May 30th.  Completed Applications are screened using a priority list for funding.  Applications for funding can be downloaded from the FWFN website.  Applications can also be picked up at our administration office.


Elementary/Secondary Students

Band member students in grades JK to grade 12 may be eligible for funds to assist with the purchase of school supplies and other school related expenses.  This money is distributed in 2 payments. The first payment is in September and the second payment is in February. Students who attend school off reserve must contact the Education Department at FWFN and provide the following information: Name; Band Number; Address; Current School; Current Grade; and information on Parent/Guardian.

Funding is in place for Secondary students who require school uniforms.

Graduation Awards

The Chief and Council of FWFN recognize the importance of educating our Membership.  For this reason an incentive for graduating students has been established.  Students must provide proof of accomplishment in the form of a transcript or Diploma to be eligible for this Award.  These awards are given on a one-time only basis.  (e.g. A student will receive only one Award for a College Diploma even if she/he continues on and receives subsequent Diplomas).

Travel Bursary – School Sanctioned Excursions

FWFN may cover up to 50% of the total cost of an excursion up to a maximum of $1,000.00 per student.  The maximum a student can receive is $1,000.00 for their entire secondary/post secondary career.  Payments for travel fees, and accommodation will be made directly to the relevant educational institute or travel organization.  Bursary can not be use for personal expenses, such as clothing, food, spending money.  Application for this bursary is available from Education Manager.

Travel Bursary Application

Employment and Training

The mission and long term goals of FWFN Employment and Training Program are to provide you with guidance, counselling and direction to become independent, to enhance your skills that will compliment your lifestyle and employment goals.  We offer a wide range of programs such as; purchase of training, wage subsidy, mobility and employment start up assistance, self-employment and entrepreneurial development, youth experience program and disability supports. We also provide services such as; resume writing, computer and internet use, fax and photo copy.

The Fort William First Nation Employment and Training Program is eager to continue working hard for our band members by creating valuable partnerships, and offering a variety of training initiatives that will help you in achieving your goals.