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Use of Anemki Wajiw (Mount McKay) for Field Trips

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to inform teachers that Anemki Wajiw (Mount McKay) is accessible for field trips. To book a field trip on Anemki Wajiw (Mount McKay), please contact Gail R. Bannon (Culture and Recreation) or Brittany Collins (Education Assistant). 

We are truly grateful for our partnerships with the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board, Lakehead Public Schools, Confederation College and Lakehead University and would love to have students come enjoy a field trip on Anemki Wajiw (Mount McKay).

For more information or to book a field trip, Gail Bannon can be reached at GailRBannon@fwfn.com& Brittany Collins can be reached at education@fwfn.com.

FWFN Culture and Recreation Department & FWFN Education Department