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(Winning Bids are bolded)

Pow Wow Grounds

Pow Wow grounds development does NOT contain various stages and is a single project.

Contractor Total Tender Price
Louis Pradal & Sons Ltd $458,000.00
Aurora Construction $506,356.00
RML Contracting-50% FWFN workforce employed $411,200.00
Vanessa Collins Contracting $731,374.70

21 Lot Residential Subdivision Development – Contract TGCL/14-005

Contractor Total Tender Price
Bruno’s Contracting $2,237,897.50
Nadin Contracting-sub contractor Mt McKay Heavy Eqpt  $1,980,473.00
Taranis Contracting Group $2,224,570.04
Makkinga Contracting $2,467,557.50
Burmet Northern Ltd. $2,880,899.00

Roadway Rehabilitation and Resurfacing – Contract TGCL/14-006

Contractor Total Tender Price
Nadin Contracting Ltd.-sub contractor Bandura Contracting $1,770,458.75
Taranis Contracting Group $1,988,619.56