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The FWFN Housing Department is responsible for administering the following key housing areas:

  • Housing administration
  • Subsidized housing program
  • Housing loan guarantee program
  • Inspections – local and provincial
  • FN Technical services
  • RRAP- renovations and repairs program CMHC
  • Low-Rental project housing – CMHC

The housing department is primarily responsible for housing administration which includes budget and financing.  The department ensures proper housing standards are enforced and inspections are completed.

Over the past year the housing department accomplished the following activities:

  • Low rental housing renovations on most units
  • Completion of new subdivision and for the construction of 10 new low-rental units
  • Completion of renovations on numerous single housing units

Over the next year we will continue to strive to work on subsidy housing units, loan guarantee program, renovations and the completion of 4 Duplex rental housing units – all to better serve the members of Fort William.

Important Downloadable Information for Tenants & Homeowners

CALL OUT FOR HOUSING – DEADLINE: 2:00 pm, June 14th, 2024.

Housing Application

Repair and Maintenance Support Program Application

Lands and Property Management

Overseeing lands designations, land claims and property management; The Fort William First Nation Lands Department provides a broad scope of land and environmental management activities on reserve. Effective Land Management provides the foundation for virtually all activity on reserve, including housing, infrastructure, environmental management, community health, education, economic development and addition to reserve lands. Fort William First Nation is registered under the Reserve Lands and Environment Management Program which includes an integrated approach to training and will allow FWFN to assume new responsibilities as we progress through the program.

Community Land use Planning will integrate the goals of sustainable development, sound governance and economic viability.

Management of Reserve Land and Natural Resources will involve activities with land transactions, registration and approval processes for reserve lands registered in the Indian Lands Registry, pursuant to sections of the Indian Act.

Environmental Management will involve identifying and assessing the environmental implications of land use policies, addressing potential issues, and adopting sound environmental practices.

Compliance with Policy and Legislative Framework which includes conforming to the regulations and enforceable provisions of the Indian Act. Within the very near future, FWFN will have greater control over its reserve lands and resources. We are building new competencies that will enable us to assume these new roles, be self reliant and sustainable.