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Mental Health 



To provide services to individuals and family members in the community of Fort William First Nation who are affected by mental health concerns and require direction, support, and advocacy in a holistic, culturally sensitive, non-biased manner that is safe and confidential.


  • To provide a safe and confidential atmosphere for Fort William First Nation community members to initiate services and tailor them to meet the individual’s or family member’s needs.
  • To provide education, advocacy, and referral support to Fort William First Nation Community members.
  • To assist and support Fort William First Nation community members with counselling and treatment referrals, service planning, and wellness support.
  • To provide education through community programs, workshops, and presentations that raise awareness of mental health and wellness.



The values implemented in the Mental Health Program are based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings identified in the Fort William First Nation Healing Strategy Document. They are:

Wisdom, Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Humility and Truth.


Monthly Newsletters

Fort William First Nation Community Newsletter distributes monthly information about programming, events, and education resources. Fort William First Nation Health Centre publishes daily details on programs, updates, and events through its Fort William First Nation Health Centre Facebook Page.


Harm Reduction & Education
  1. On September 5, 2022, Fort William First Nation established a Community Mental Health and Addiction Harm Reduction Outreach program every Thursday. The program provides harm reduction supplies, educational resources/supports, hygiene, safe sex products, and a light meal/refreshment.
  2. Fort William First Nation established a Community Clothing Assistance program through which community members can access free seasonal clothing from our clothing donations.
  3. Fort William First Nation provides ‘lunch and learns’ to promote awareness and education on mental health and wellness.


Treatment & Referral

The Addiction and Wellness Worker assists individuals with intake/referrals to:

  1. Inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities and programs.
  2. Counselling services.
  3. Aftercare services and programs.
Youth Engagement

The Mental Health Worker attends youth programs monthly and facilitates a cultural-based prevention and education addiction program that is age-appropriate.