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FWFN Chief and Council 2019-2023

FWFN Chief and Council term of office, officially commenced on April 16, 2019 – April 16, 2023.

FWFN Chief

Peter Collins


Chief Collins, has identified a number of key areas, which he sees as priorities for this Council;
  • Increased Education Funding for every level.
  • Enhanced programming and recreational building opportunities for youth and families.
  • Protecting and taking care of our Elders.
  • Investing in our own members and utilizing their skills to keep them successfully working in the community.

“My goal is to provide a long-term sustainable future for the community and to ensure that our youth have the skills they need to build a successful way a life,” says Collins.

Collins, also spoke that health comes first and with that in place, sustainability will follow.

With a positive outlook, the stamina to do the hard work and acknowledging that we all must work together; the future of Fort William First Nation is looking bright.

Contact Chief Collins

Chief Peter Collins, Fort William First Nation

P: (807) 623.9543, Ext. 235
E-Mail: PCollins@fwfn.com

Chief Peter Collins

Peter Collins is currently serving his tenth term as the Chief of Fort William First Nation. He previously served 9 years as Regional Grand Chief of the Northern Superior Region and currently holds a Board position with the Union of Ontario Indians, Anishnawbek Nation. Chief Collins sits on the Board of Directors for Dilico and is the President of BLP-Bamkushwada, as well holds a Committee Member position with the e Bora Laskin Faculty of Law-Aboriginal Advisory Committee.  In 2016, he was appointed to sit at the Chief’s Committee on Economic Development with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

Chief Collins is a leader who works hard for his community and is focussed on advancing the First Nation through Economic Development and capacity building. With this dynamic vision, he wants to ensure that Fort William First Nation will position itself to be a leader in the area and to be a partner to other surrounding communities, businesses and organizations.

He was instrumental in the creation of Oshki-Aki Limited Partnership incorporated in December 2011. Oshki-Aki LP is a partnership between Fort William First Nation and True Grit Consulting Limited in which one hundred percent of the profit generated is directed back to Fort William First Nation. The profit from the Joint Venture supports capacity building in the community, creating employment opportunities for community members while teaching essential skills.

Believing strongly in the people of Fort William First Nation with a priority on taking care of the Elders and setting an example for the Youth. He speaks and promotes the importance of education; whether it’s in a classroom setting or a skilled trade.

Chief Collins has been married for thirty-seven years to Susan and is the proud father of six children and grandfather to eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. When he is not working or spending time with his beloved family, you can find him watching his favourite hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs or in the off-season at a golf course near you.