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Reaching out to You

Communication functions within the organization are presently a shared responsibility amongst the various departments.  In order to streamline these functions, the First Nation authorized the development and operation of the Communications Strategy.  The goals and objectives of this Strategy are as follows:

  1. Establish a communications committee to develop a communications policy.
  2. To reaffirm that FWFN is the primary source of information to the community on all issues.
  3. To develop and implement a primary communicating schedule.
  4. To replace myths with facts.
  5. To increase the frequency and level of sophistication of financial reporting to our community.
  6. To invite the community to access information on various issues.  Develop a digital database of all information and ensure limited number of hard copies is available too.  Feasibility studies, by-laws, etc.
  7. To move toward paperless communication.
  8. To allow technology to do the work for us to better deliver to you.
  9. To cater communication to elders and youth so that messages are being communicated accurately to these groups.  This could be as easy as appointing certain community members to communicate with the aforementioned groups.
  10. To explore the benefits of using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
  11. To allow our youth studying public relations and other communication programs an opportunity to practice communicating.
  12. To encourage and provide a mechanism for our membership to communicate with us on a regularly scheduled basis.


Kristy Boucher, Communications Officer

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